Clients ...

MillenniumSoft Inc successfully placed experienced Consultants at Financial Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Banking and Manufacturing Companies.

Alliances ...

MillenniumSoft works with a number of partners on a variety of initiatives and propositions. These partnerships ensure that the risks are minimized and benefits are maximized with our Clients.

Our partners are industry leaders in the areas we serve and are recognized as providers for leading-edge technology solutions. These relationships enhance our capabilities to provide a Comprehensive solutions to our clients with demanding requirements in today’s competitive business environment.

Some of our business partner relationships include


Our partners are a critical part of our success as a company. If you provide any of the services/ comprehensive solutions which add value to our service profile, please feel free to contact us.

Awards ...

  1. New Jersey’s fastest growing company in the field of Information Technology.
  2. Best provider of comprehensive & cost effective solutions.
  3. Recognized as a valuable trainer for latest technologies along with placements.

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