Service Methodologies ...

Methodology is vital to the success of any Service Architecture projects. We have done extensive work in providing turnaround services for business in Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Financial Companies. At MillenniumSoft, our methodologies are based on a wide collection of best practices developed by industry wide experts. These are standardized on repeatable processes that have been tested and re-tested and proven effective. Some of the services we provide are as below:

Architecture & Design Projects - We focus on solid system design ad simple but effective architectures.

Executive Information Systems - Our specialty is integrating PC based Executive Information and Decision making systems with legacy technologies aligning Data with Process Models, provide Data Manipulation starting from Data entry to Data Marts in a variety of Environments thru ETL, OLAP & Data Warehousing, Other non critical reporting.

Process Solutions - Improved Software development methods in order to increase efficiency and quality. Project Roles include all areas of Design, Develop, Testing , Implementation and maintenance.

Design/illustration/identity programs to get trained and educated for going forward for the personnel who support you.

Offshore Developments services from our state-of-the art offshore development center located in Hyderbad, India. By doing this MillenniumSoft can execute turnkey solutions at a substantial lower cost and pass on the savings to the Client. In addition, by taking the advantage of the time difference between USA and India, we ensure the work to go round the clock. MillenniumSoft can execute projects in a lesser time frame.

Representative Clients ...

High-tech/manufacturing Machine tools, material handling, packaging, ergonomics, rapid prototyping, NDT & diagnostic equipment, filtration media.

Professional/high-tech services Telecommunications, software/IT, architecture/engineering, aviation/aerospace, environmental, executive search, Internet services, photography, publishing, dry cleaning, medical, consulting.

Financial services Banking, planning/consulting, leasing, insurance, investing.

Specialized Nonprofit (advocacy, etc.), professional/trade organizations, pro bono.

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